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Shame on them!


Someone paid, someone got paid, someone lured him, someone killed him. Shame on them!

Cecil is just one of millions killed, he was known and represents another call to attention… a painful one. Humans need to learn a lot about being part of an ecosystem, for the time being are just predators.

What’s up, doc?

75 years, Bugs!BugsSilverWB_big

Open farewell

In the disappearing light of Friday night, six minutes before 10pm, Tom Watson struck his final putt in The Open Championship.

photo: Getty Images
photo: Getty Images

reporting for BBC News on July 17th, 2015

On the way to the final…

White magic on green and purple.


The Championships

What a wonderful world by Libera

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Paris once again…

Tennis time in Paris!

Roland Garros Official site


photo: Ron Garan
photo: Ron Garan

here it comes!


Augusta National, The Masters… kind of magic!

Out of Auschwitz

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70 years, kind of a long time… but the horror is still around our life in different forms. Something pending for ‘humanity’.

photo: Roberto Mata Roberto Mata

Photographer Roberto Mata’s gallery on Auschwitz in Prodavinci

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King’s light

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Darkness cannnot drive out darkness, only light can do that.

Martin Luther King, Jr. in ‘Strength To Love’, 1963

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