photo: Mike Shaw
photo: Mike Shaw

This is Max a Staffordshire Bull Terrier who belongs to a street person, they are on the streets together and between them they are capable of surviving.

I had someone ask me how I felt in regards to the homeless taking stray dogs in when they could not look after themselves. For me its easy, both are homeless and they become a team, people who are a sucker for animals (such as me) will normally go and talk to them and between them they will get food or money. For them it works, they not only survive but they are company for each other.

They have an affinity we will struggle to understand, they both have been cast onto the streets by society with no one and no where to go, this way at the very least they have each other.

I also know these animals are among the best cared for around, I stood and watched, on a few occasions when someone came with food the man did not eat, he fed it to his dog. When I spoke with him and asked why he didn’t take some as well he simply said I’ll wait until he has had enough.

Mike Shaw in ‘Max the street dog’, february 2014  via G+