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… and somewhere up there the ‘maestro’ smiles too.

an Australian “semi” is a Swiss one


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kind of celebration

Kind of celebration starts today… beyond everything it appeals to something good inside us… me thinks.


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March 17th

For those celebrating today…

Happy St Patrick’s Day!!!


readers & dreamers

Readers are dreamers of a kind.

© erinclaireb
© erinclaireb

Erin-Claire [erinclaireb] account in DeviantArt

Shame on them!


Someone paid, someone got paid, someone lured him, someone killed him. Shame on them!

Cecil is just one of millions killed, he was known and represents another call to attention… a painful one. Humans need to learn a lot about being part of an ecosystem, for the time being are just predators.

wrong answer!


Violence is always the wrong answer.


vintage tennis

“Roger Federer, looking for his first title in the Shanghai Rolex Masters, played vintage tennis, taking charge and calling the shots, both from the net and the baseline…” (commenting the semis)

Roger Federer

Shanghai Rolex Masters 2014

…and he won the final!

a champion that is also a beauty


Maria Sharapova won the Roland Garros today, here she cradles the Coupe Suzanne Lenglen.

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