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Venezuela is on the streets

video: Nacho Spinola

The Sequel…

I cannot help it… here they are again… enjoy!

remember the wonders

For the new year, for all life long… do not forget how wonderful it is.

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thinking of Christmas

great spaces

be an activist

December 1st… World AIDS Day

Make it happen!


As Craig Christopher says in his note  “If there is one place in the world where cyclists should be to forget about being hit by a car, it should be the Tour de France.” … and that was exactly what happened today.

Juan Antonio Flecha and Johnny Hoogerland were riding as part of a five breakaway group, when a car -markings of France Television on it- tried to overtake the group on a narrow section, and hit Flecha who crashed into the ground and caused Hoogerland to land in a fence at the side of the road. Both  got back onto their bikes and kept riding ’till the end of the stage.

This was not the first incident of this kind  -a motorcyclist involved in a accident was sent out of the Tour immediately- but as Craig says  “Let’s hope that the idiot driving this car faces somewhat more serious consequences.”



Flecha & Hoogerland -AFP/Getty Images-


Juan Antonio Flecha -AFP/Getty Images-

Home by Yann Arthus-Bertrand

“On June 5 Yann Arthus-Bertrand will release his long-awaited first movie, Home, in what may be a landmark event for ecology awareness. On the same day the high-budget documentary opens in theaters in more than 80 countries, it will also be shown on French public television, on Air France flights and at multiple free public screenings throughout the world, including one in New York’s Central Park. DVD sales and free Internet streaming will be available immediately—all on June 5.” -France Today-

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