The Conscious Cat

A wonderful site, where Ingrid shares from personal experiences to professional advice.

The Creative Cat

Bernardette developed a corner for all her cat issues, because this artist perform in different directions… look at her sketches, I just love them!


Mixes two female humans, Megan and Corrinne, that love cats and a variety of interests and things to post.

Cat Wisdom 101

Layla shows how is life with cats, as naturally as possible.

Homer’s Odyssey

Gwen Cooper tells us about Homer, their life together and how to be transformed by a cat… among other things.

Jackson Galaxy

Well known cat behaviorist -if something like that can be an occupation- has a varied site, cat tips, interviews, articles, and vids.

Beth Wilson

Artist and cat lover, her doodlecats can participate in almost anything.

Alley Cat Allies

An organization dedicated to transforming and developing communities to protect and improve the lives of all cats – pet, stray and feral.

…and there are more on the way.


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