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thinking of Paris

© Les Cartons
© Les Cartons

readers & dreamers

Readers are dreamers of a kind.

© erinclaireb
© erinclaireb

Erin-Claire [erinclaireb] account in DeviantArt

older kitty love

©Bernadette Kazmarski


Adopt a senior kitty.  All of them have a world of love to give.

Look at Emmie’s story at The Creative Cat

thinking of Christmas

great spaces

granma & cat

photo: Miyoko Ihara

For years the photographer Miyoko Ihara has recorded the beautifully close relationship between her grandmother and her cat. Now a wonderful book  Misao the Big Mama and Fukumaru the Cat.

article and more photos at BuzzFed animals




black light

Look at the world with eyes of children.
Look from different shapes.
Nothing is such that it seems to be.
There are not always tricks.
Please notice minor things.
Everything what you can imagine is possible to realize.
Believe in impossible.
Everything is possible.
Speak to animals, plants and stones.
Never say no.
Nothing is black and white.
Use all colours.
Remember your Déja vu.
Be aware of all circumstances.
Walk backwards.
Try writing with the wrong hand.
Keep your eyes wide open when necessary.
Keep your eyes tightly shut when necessary.
Dream even if you are not sleeping.
Do not sleep when you are living.
Use all your abilities.
Continue yourselves.

From the Black Light Theatre IMAGE site.

about packaging

I found an interesting blog today Cranky Packaging Guy,  where packages and packaging are discussed from a particular designer point of view. If you want to know what it is about read this post and you get an idea. It is good, go and have a look.

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