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“If it takes a dog to remind people to not be senselessly fearful in the face of a disease—not to just smother everything that’s frightening—Excalibur will have a real legacy. But that’s only true if the perspective he opens is broad: we can’t just deal with Ebola by looking at dog pictures while trying to close airports and banish images of Africa. There’s another set of scenes, the ones that we have been looking away from for months, in West Africa, where children orphaned by Ebola are fending for themselves. In Sierra Leone, gravediggers have gone on strike; it’s dangerous work, and they say that they haven’t been paid.”

Amy Davidson in ‘An Ebola death in Dallas and a dog in Spain‘ published in The New Yorker.

Gandhi Jayanti

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Gazetted holiday in India, to commemorate the birthday of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, Mahatma Gandhi.

Today is also, and on purpose, UN International Day of Non-Violence.

A day to remember, to think. I like very much the quotation in UN web page:

“There are many causes that I am prepared to die for but no causes that I am prepared to kill for.” Mahatma Gandhi in The Story of My Experiments with Truth, 1927.

It makes me think.

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photo: Douglas M. MacIlroy

Art at the corner, that crosses time to reach present and virtual form. Timeless candlelight, warm as the dreams, dreams of foreign lands, of unknown friends. Creating a space for creation. Is that smell tea? Is that smell ink? It also smells of candle-wax, warm candle-wax. Warmth that reaches inside. Sensation creating space for more sensations, and feelings creating space for more feelings… inner space to be filled and refilled. Just the low sound of the burning wick and the steady heart. Peaceful dreams, quiet enthusiasm. Comfort at that place in the heart.


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